CULTIVATE Community Groups

We are currently working on having groups in both Castlegar, BC as well as the Fraser Valley, BC. Unfortunately, with the currently COVID19 restrictions in our area(s), we are unable to get together in person. As of now, we are hosting events online, but are eagerly looking forward to being able to see all of you soon!

If you are interested in starting a group in your area or joining in a current location, text or call the number below, or shoot us an email!

What Our Groups Look Like

Our Community groups meet once per week or month, depending on the group. Each group leader also offers 1 on 1 meet ups for companionship and friendship, or for advice and mentorship. We do our best to meet each individual and each group where they are at and cater to their needs and interests. We sometimes do activities together, or gather at the leader’s home, or simply go for coffee. The sole purpose is truly companionship and community. We only discuss our experiences if it suits the group and what they want from the community.