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Community Groups

Our community groups are costly to run, as we offer them for FREE for all survivors. Yoga classes, art classes, movie and games nights, all for free. These community groups are the most important aspect of our charity organization, and funding this project is extremely important to us and our community, as they aid in healing and restoration and benefit survivors in a multitude of ways.

Care Package Program

We give meals, counselling, massage therapy, care packages of all sorts to survivors with different needs. Upon joining community groups or peer support, we ask survivors what their needs are and do what we can to fill those needs. We also bless survivors with gifts when in hospital or after a big event.

Rental Space Fund

Our biggest project we are beginning to fundraise for is to be able to rent or purchase our own space. We want something we can design around survivors and their needs and struggles, as well as something safe and comfortable. Renting public spaces is not ideal and we hope for our own safe space as soon as possible.