“Free Man” – Poems by Anonymous

***Trigger warnings for self harm, suicide, childhood abuse.***

photo by @thaissvasc

These poems were written by a survivor in our community. They wish to remain anonymous. Please, before you read, be aware that these poems are heavy and descriptive and could be triggering for many viewers. These poems are a real and vulnerable way of processing childhood events and we believe it’s so important to share the art of willing survivors. Thank you, anonymous for so boldly sharing your heart with us and our community ❤

Free Man

He comes into my bedroom

in the middle of the night.
I close my eyes

while my heart beats in fright.
I feel a hand

tightly over my mouth;
I want to scream

but I cannot shout.
I hid my face

and closed my eyes.
I sat still in panic

and wondered why.
Why were these things happening?
Why was this man doing this to me?
He comes into my room
and I feel doomed.
I wish I could run
from what he calls “just fun”.

The torture has just begun.

Sometimes, I wish I had a gun.

I wish he was gone;

that he’d never done wrong.
I wish I could be alone

or just run from home,
But home is all I’ve ever known.

I can never be alone.

He knows my face,
he knows my name.
He’s a free man;
that will never change.

By Anonymous

Broken Angel Wings

I tried to tell you,
now it’s too late.
I sit waiting
at Heaven’s Gate.
He abused me Mom,
you never seem to care.
Now I lay in a black coffin
full of despair.
How many times
did you hear me cry?
Did you ever think
it’d get so bad I’d die?
I am an angel now
with long white wings.
Flying higher each day
no longer feeling his stings.
I’ll watch over you Mom,
do what you didn’t do for me.
You pretended not to hear;

pretended not to see.
Now you wait at Heaven’s Gate,

just as I once did.
You have now come to realize,
the pain that I once hid. 


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