On Swimming Lessons by Lili Reinhart

I don’t know about you but I am a massive fan of Lili Reinhart.

She is honest and real and advocates for mental health awareness and seems like an all-around great role model for young adults. I decided to read her new poetry book, Swimming Lessons, simply because I am a fan, and I also express my emotions through pen and paper as she does. I thought that reading her work may help me put words to the feelings in my own soul – the same reason I read all poetry. And – I’m happy to announce that I did receive that.

I’m going to be honest, reading the first few poems, I was underwhelmed. I could not tell if it was because those poems felt more shallow, or if I simply could not relate to her experience in those first poems. As I read, though, the book blossomed in front of me – almost like you could see her bloom as a poet. As you continue to read, she gets so vulnerable and intense. In a way, this actually makes me love the book MORE. I love the progression. It was a rollercoaster I did not want to get off of. I read the whole thing in one sitting.

She begins the book with “I believe that we read poetry to relate to the world. We see our lives through the words of a poet when we are incapable of expressing ourselves. I started reading poetry to comfort myself through spells of depression”.

Since her book is heavily themed with depression and anxiety and self love, I believe it to be an excellent choice for the audience that reads our blogs here at The NO Society. 

*A lot of the book is about grief and heartbreak and losing oneself in love. It’s not a book solely on mental health / depression. It just shares some of those themes*

I’ve selected two of my favourite poems to share with you today:

I’ve had days of loneliness

Where I barely spoke

Because I had no one

To talk to.

The sound of my own 

Voice would surprise me,

Remind me,

That I wasn’t a ghost

Floating through the city

Going unnoticed

I was there,

Just silently disconnected.

The voice in my head

Becoming more familiar

Than any of the faces

Around me.

– Lili Reinhart

These days I startle so easily

From my sleep.

My body reacts violently

To waking up, as if it was never

Intending to do so.

It’s like that falling nightmare



Waking up with a sharp breath

Before I hit the ground

And realize I’m safe

But maybe I’m only safe

In my dreams

And the real fall begins when I wake.

– Lili Reinhart

You can order her book off Chapters.ca HERE! It’s even on sale right now 🙂 The book is also on Amazon but order off of a bookstore if you are able as it gives more profit to the author than Amazon.

Hope you have an inspired and encouraging start to the New Year! You are powerful! You are loved! You are unique! You are needed in this world!! 

All my love,


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