Nine Months Underwater – Riley’s Story. (Version 1)

Now that my case is closed officially (for the third and final time..) I’m finally able to share my story with you all.

I’m not going to write much about this yet other than what is on the description on YouTube. I will write a follow up later on, once the second version with the r*pe details has been posted (This version does not contain that scene as I wanted to first release a version that everyone could watch – even those such as family members who may be extra sensitive to those details.)

I’m so thankful for all the kind words and support I’ve received over the last couple days about my latest news and blog post.

All I want to say for now is that:

I hope this helps loved ones of survivors understand what their friends/family might be going through on a regular basis. I hope it helps them love the survivors in their life well.

I hope this helps survivors feel seen and understood. I hope it helps them feel less alone.

I hope this helps r*pists realize the severity of their actions. I hope this makes them think again before acting next time. I hope this helps them repent and make changes in their lives and behaviours. I’m serious. I hope you fall on your knees and beg God for forgiveness and really truly change. Don’t bring this upon anyone else. Please.

I hope this helps police officers and social workers and therapists and healthcare workers gain new passion for the survivors they serve. We are grateful for you.

Thank you for taking the time to watch.




**In this version of the film, we have taken out the r*pe scene so that members of the family, and others who are more sensitive to those details may still watch. The “R” rated version will be released at a later date.**

Bryce Koebel, also known as Breadcrumbs Productions, generously filmed and edited a short film for Riley, one of the NO Society’s directors, about her experience living as a survivor of r*pe. Although everyone is welcome to watch – this film is directed towards those who have not been sexually assaulted; to educate people on what it can be like to live with PTSD post-assault. We hope to shed light on the reality that so many of us live in silence on a daily basis. We also want to thank Ashlyn Koebel for her part in the production and direction of this film – for listening so sincerely to the message Riley wanted to get across and making it come to life. Also for fuelling Riley’s fire to speak up about this issue. Riley credits a huge part of her healing to the Koebels and their constant support and generosity.

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