T’s Story Pt 3 – Chilliwack Chief’s Game

 After school on a Friday evening of September, I decided I was going to drive down to see some friends and then go to the Chilliwack Chiefs game later.

The day was great, we spent time at the lake, went on our usual adventures around town, and got caught up on life updates. 

After dinner, my one friend and I went to meet up with our guy “friends” who had free tickets for us to the game. Everything was going well, we met up, had some drinks and watched the game. It was time for intermission… and then things took a turn. 

My friend and the guy she was with went for a walk together. I’ve known the guy I was left behind with for 6 years; we had been great friends… I thought I could trust him. I heard a person yell my name, so I turned around, it was an old friend from school. We chatted for a few minutes. During this time, I had a beer in my hand near the guy. Something happened. After a few more sips I started to feel off which was odd because I had barely had anything to drink. I was dizzy, confused, and extremely heavy-eyed. 

My friend came back after the break and said the guy she was with had to leave early, so she was going to catch a ride with him. It was now just this guy and me.

He worked in the same building, so he knew his way around. He grabbed my hand and we went for a walk. Suddenly he took me to a back staircase which led us to the other rink. He said he wanted to talk in private and I trusted him because he was my FRIEND. We got to the back of the bleachers; he grabbed my waist and pushed his hips towards mine.

He wouldn’t let go. I was weak and incoherent. He pushed me against a wall. I couldn’t move and I knew what was about to happen. I’d been through this so many times before.. And I was so faded from whatever was put in my drink.  It was dark, we were alone, I closed my eyes as hard as I could and just waited for it to be over. When he was done, he let me drop to the ground. I sat on the ground for what seemed like forever just trying to wrap my mind around what happened.

I slept in my car that night as I felt defeated, and dirty

-T, Fraser Valley

Hey guys, it’s K and R!

We have been tossing and turning on wether or not to write an outro to this.

The endings of these stories aren’t all happy with strong life lessons right now. Some do end that way, but not many of them. Most of the survivors sharing are still in a place of severe struggle and difficulty. We try to write many happy blog posts, but the truth that needs to be shared here is that PTSD is a lifelong struggle and many of us don’t have our happy endings yet, or even a glimmer of one. If you pray, or manifest, or anything along those lines, keep our community close to your heart as there are many who are still living surrounded by darkness. We have many who need good things sent their way. Smiles. Warmth. Grace. Kindness.

Be good to people. You never know what people are going through. 1/3 of women in Canada have stories like the ones we have been sharing. You go to dance class with these people. You sat in English with these people. They are behind you in the line in Starbucks. Sitting beside you at the Chief’s game.

Thank you as always for reading and caring and learning. We appreciate you so much.

All our love,

R + K

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  1. Penny says:

    Thankyou for Your Really True Story!!! I was Raped by my Oldest Brother from age 5-12 years Old… I numbed Myself for Years with Prescription Morphine and Tylenol 3’s and Now that I’m 57, I’ve been Clean for 6 Years Now and Finally living my Life…. xoxoxo God’s Speed and Recovery to All the Survivors.

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