What Can YOU Do To Help?

It’s finally here! The post you’ve all been waiting for!

From the first day we launched, the most common question we’ve received is :


So. In a nutshell…. There are 2 different types of help that are needed by our mission and by our community of survivors.  We are going to cover the bases for both.

  1. Physical 
  2. Advocacy


We are super excited to share about physical help.. I’m almost shaking here just getting ready to write about it. We know how much talent and passion exists in our local community and we are pumped to see what you all have to share to support survivors in our area. 

So many people only think about money and spreading awareness. These things are great, but as we are a LOCAL and very community based organization, we are blessed with the ability to also involve… THE COMMUNITY! We want to give those around us – independent people but also bigger businesses and organizations – the ability to use their gifts and talents and products and services to bless those in need. Here are some ideas we brainstormed.. But by all means if you have gifts and talents that you would like to share that are not listed here – PLEASE connect with us to discuss how we can use YOUR gifts to bless our survivors!!


Can you make cards? Can you knit? Do you make flower arrangements? 

One thing we would desperately love to do is get people involved with creating things to give as gifts to our suffering survivors. To give someone a handmade card, or a blanket for comfort and security made by someone who cares – not just a factory, or a floral arrangement made with care and not just picked up from a grocery store… 

Those special additions of personal touches and care and INTENT mean the world to someone feeling isolated and alone. The warmth and heart put into these types of things is felt by those on the receiving end. If you have ANY sort of crafts you’d be willing to donate to us to pass on to those in need, we’d be over the MOON.


If you’d like to create a self-care kit or any sort of care package, we’d accept your generosity with wide open arms! We have survivors in mind who we’d love to bless like this but have had trouble finding the time and money to make that happen for all the people we’d like to bless. We have a list of ideas of what would make good gifts, if anyone needs help with ideas! These can be pretty low cost too.. A simple as a planner/journal or a book or a bath bomb!


We have business cards! If you’d like to put them up in your business at all, we’d love to give you some to pass out for us. We have some at a lash studio and coffee shops already 🙂 We also have posters if you have room in your business for one!


We are going to be releasing a VERY special line of merchandise that will allow us all to wear this mission on our sleeves quite literally…. Stay tuned!!! This will be great advertisement to spread the word and raise awareness not only of the issue of sexual violence in Canada, but also awareness of the community here. Wearing our merch around town could lead a survivor to help and support!


If your workplace is able to donate anything (literally almost anything), we would be beyond blessed to accept gift cards, certificates, items, food, pretty much whatever you have to offer! We could use this to either directly bless a survivor, or if it’s a larger item, and you were okay with it, we could raffle it off for donations to the organization! 

An example of this would be if you do hair at your own business, you could donate a haircut to a survivor. Hair appointments are an amazing form of self care!! They make people feel better. This would be a great gift for a survivor. Another example is if you are a tattoo artist, we could raffle off a tattoo appointment to raise money for the organization! 

The opportunities here are endless, and are all welcomed with an outpour of gratitude. 


Of course, money always helps. So that is an obvious physical way of helping.

That being said, a good way to get your friends and family on board too is to throw your own fundraiser! Throw a bottle drive or a lemonade stand or throw a mini concert if you are musically gifted! Whatever you have the resources to do! Get creative!


This one is for the survivors. If you are a survivor – you can help The NO Society by joining and attending a community group! This way you can walk alongside newer survivors who need a friend and a teammate for their own healing journey or justice journey. Standing with each other is the best way to get involved. After a while when we expand and our groups get too big, you could even become a group leader of your own community group. These are for all ages. Message us if you are interested!


Another one for survivors (and those who have perhaps served survivors in the past) – We have mentioned this many times and we will again – this blog is not only for story submissions!! We would also LOVE to share posts that you may write about ANYTHING helpful or unhelpful or impactful on your own healing journey. Did you try EMDR therapy? Was it amazing or useless? What organization really helped you after your incident? Literally anything about your experience that you think may help or inform survivors – we want to share it!!! Email us at thenosociety@gmail.com with your blog post idea or story submission!!!

Aside from writing… If you are an artist of any kind (and you don’t need to be a survivor) – a musician or poet or photographer or have a podcast or a useful product you create or are a content creator of any sort.. we’d love to partner with you to create content or to share your creations. Nothing is off the table. DM us to chat about the possibilities!



One of the best things you can do is educate yourself and others on the issue of sexual violence! Invite us to speak about the issue at your Youth Group! Schools! Community groups! Workplace! Church! We are happy to come and talk about all sorts of topics at events you might want to host. That’s not the only form of education though…


We have been sharing some excellent resources to educate yourself on the matter of sexual assault locally and abroad. We will continue to share our only our blogs and stories from our community but also other resources such as movies, documentaries, books, articles, podcasts, and more that we find valuable. If you find a good resource… SHARE IT WITH OTHERS! We shared an amazing documentary about a local sexual assault case called “Because We Are Girls”. Host a viewing party with your friends and family! Find your own resources or look at the ones we share, and then continue to pass them on!


Don’t be afraid of talking about it. Break the silence around this whole thing – because silence causes unjust shame surrounding survivors. I know it can be scary to talk about as sex and abuse are both seen as quite taboo in some circles. It is so important to fight this reality though, and to change it. The issue of sexual violent is much too prevalent to stay silent about any longer. Silence helps no one. We must start to talk about these things and stir people’s hearts to make changes and fight for justice. If no one knows, no one can do anything to help.

Thanks so much – ALL OF YOU – for expressing your interest in getting involved. We are so touched by how many people believe in us and are passionate about fighting this issue. 

A couple other notes we’ve had questions about:

STAFF : We will be taking on more staff down the line once we have the means to do so. We will be “hiring” based on who clearly displays passion and dedication to fighting this cause with us; Who is involved in community groups and who is showing they want to be as involved as we both are! We would love to add more people to our team when we see people being activists already in their own communities. But to answer the question now – we are not growing our staff team at this moment but looking for perhaps 6-9 months from now, and we will be reaching out to people who we see are being activists in their own personal lives. We won’t be accepting applications, but instead, requesting them. We are dedicated to keeping this a mission of sheer passion.

Again, our hearts are overflowing this whole last week. You have all been sharing our mission so much and we see it in our stats on our website. We see it in the new followers on instagram. We see it in our inboxes. You are already doing so much just by being here and reading this and taking the steps you have been so far. We cannot thank you enough for joining us in this battle against sexual violence in our local towns as well as our country. 

All our love,

R + K

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