Rachel’s Story

I was in highschool.

I had recently come out of an emotionally abusive relationship, and already my next relationship was ending, one of which I had come to realized that I was simply a rebound to him.

Broken and lonely, I decided to talk to someone I had thought was was friend. I showed up to his house after attending a dry graduation party. I started talking and he offered me 1 beer.

I know I only had that one drink (not enough at that point to get me drunk) but cannot recall what happened almost immediately after drinking it. Of the few things I actually remember from that night, I remember flashing lights and saying “No” multiple times.

I woke up the next morning in his bed. I felt so disoriented and confused as to how I got there. I left as fast as I could to find my mom waiting at the front door. Without any questions, she took the car keys from me and told me I was grounded. Still to this day, almost 17 years later, I haven’t told her what happened to me that night for fear of hurting her feelings. I have repeatedly said to myself the statements I’m sure we all have. You know, the ones that start with

“If you had just….” Or “If I just didn’t…”

Fill in the blank.

So I did what I knew how to do best…shove it down, cover it up, and try not to ever speak of it. It was my fault for going there anyways…..right?

When I met Riley (R), she opened up very quickly about her experiences. That, along with the start of The NO Society has made me change the narrative in my head.

It wasn’t my fault.

I have now realized that my “NO” was stripped away from me….and now its time to take it back

~ Rachel, West Kootenays

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