A Few Specifics About What We Have To Offer You.

Photos by Jessica Bate Photography @jessica.bate_

(updated Nov 21, 2020)

You may have already browsed our website and Instagram, but we thought that, to kick off the blog, we’d give you a little more insight on what exactly we have to offer you.

We are a society built of survivors, by survivors, for survivors. We exist exclusively for the well-being of survivors of sexual assault. All survivors can be a part of this community, and can access our resources, no police file required. We believe you at your word. You are safe here. 

If you are a loved one of a survivor – we have an entire page and blog string for you. Please go there to read about things like how to love and support the survivors in your life; what to say and do, and what NOT to say or do. We have answers to some of your questions that you may be tempted to ask the survivors you know, but that may accidentally hurt them. We will also accept submissions to add answers to other questions you may want to ask on our contact form HERE.

For the survivors, we have the following programs available for you:


We give personal mentorship and support to individual survivors. We’ll meet you for coffee, come along/drive you to related appointments, call you for well-being checks, and other personal support. Our support program is as personal as you’d like it to be. You can have the same survivor staff work with you the entire time or you can get to know our whole local team.

As people who have been there, we know how alienating being a survivor can be, especially in the midst of navigating trauma the first couple years. When we were new survivors, we craved talking to someone who GOT it. All our friends, and even the social workers and others trying to help us were kind and did what they could, but we felt so isolated and alone.

We are prepared to find you help if you feel incapable of doing so yourself. We will do research for you and assist you in finding resources in your area. If you have been given paperwork by your social worker or any victim services program, we will sit with you and walk you through the paperwork. We will make the phone calls. We will just sit with you so you are not alone in this, if that is what you want. Step by step, we are dedicated to being on your side.

Right now we have in-person support in the Kootenays, BC and the Fraser Valley, BC. We are looking to expand this assistance all over the province, which we will not be able to do until this community GROWS. As we find other survivors who are just as passionate about helping others as we are, the invitation to join the team will be extended. Our online companionship, however, in regards to getting help or just talking through things with someone who understands is available to ALL in BC. If we cant be there in person, we’ll be there in spirit.


Our groups bring survivors together to support each other. The point is not to talk about our experience, just to offer an evening of gathering together as people with shared experience. We are all so much stronger together. You don’t have to be alone! We do things such as

  • crafts (painting, etc)
  • athletic activities (yoga, etc)
  • game nights
  • movie nights
  • self care nights
  • Poetry writing / Journalling
  • and more!

Each activity is thought through carefully to respect possible PTSD triggers – we only choose activities we believe may aid in healing.

Find more info about joining a community group HERE.


We own an updated collection of books, podcasts, movies, documentaries, and more about topics related to living as a survivor of sexual assault, to give and lend to survivors and their families. 

We also speak at events on the topics of consent, sexual abuse, the issue of human trafficking in Canada, PTSD, how to support the survivors around you, how to be a good male ally, and more.


We’re giving survivors

  • gifts such as blankets, self care packages, grocery gift cards and more
  • meals when suffering from ptsd
  • financial access to counselling and massage therapy
  • + other related care activities to survivors of sexual assault. 

This program does not require an application. If you are a survivor of sexual assault who reaches out to us to be a part of our community, you are eligible for these services. We know how difficult it can be to get Crime Victim Assistance sometimes and so this is a great substitute for those without access, or for those who may get financial assistance but are still struggling to afford the things that might aid in their healing.


We have a community blog where all survivors of sexual assault may post their stories or post about topics related to the experience of being a survivor; what helped/didn’t help their healing process, what scares them, what difficulties they have overcome and how. 

We encourage you to submit your own stories, wisdom, advice, poetry, art and whatever the hell you have to share. This is a platform for you to speak your truth, in whatever way you’d wish.

The society editor will communicate with you about editing any spelling errors and such, but the floor is entirely yours. Nothing is off limits. Nothing is taboo here. And – the blog is 100% anonymous if desired. If you want your name on it, it will be. If you wish to maintain anonymity – it’s yours. We will honour the copyright still and if you ever wish to own your work publicly in the future – we will honour you and your work. You are in control.

We also have a space where program directors can answer questions from survivors and their families online, anonymously and otherwise.

Our peer support is also accessible through our instagram account and website, where we share mental health information, encouragements and affirmations, and tips on navigating life as a survivor of sexual assault. 



We are in the process of creating a vast resource page for the Fraser Valley, the Kootenays, AND online resources. This will include everything from women’s clinics and centres, to Youtube videos and podcasts, to books, to retreats, and more! Our resource page will consist of ONLY resources that are recommended by SURVIVORS. This is because from our own experience, NOT all resources are helpful.

If you have a resource that was helpful for you, please let us know and we will add it to our list, which will hopefully be up shortly!

So that’s us. The NO Society.

We hope to join together – all of us who have been through this – and form an army of sorts in combat against rape culture and the isolation/ alienation of survivors. We are victims of a terrible crime and there is nothing weak or inferior about that. The fact that you are still here and reading this post means you are a warrior. And we want to join you in your battle – join together in ALL our battles. Because one of us alone may be able to make a small difference, but together, who knows what we’ll be able to do?


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