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About The NO

The NO was created by a survivor who couldn’t believe the lack of help available to people in her shoes, at the time. She saw a void – and held a passionate desire to fill it. In the midst of her own healing journey, she took notes of all she saw lacking in terms of information and resources and assistance walking through the process – in her personal life as well as the justice system – and when she felt healthy enough, took a look at her journals and realized if no one did anything about it, nothing would ever get better for future survivors going through what she did. So, she spent a year punching at her computer to pump out the best blueprint for an organization that she possibly could in hopes of aiding other survivors. She wanted to let them know they are not alone, and that they can be heard if they wish to be. She wanted a place for them to feel safe and be able to find fellowship with people who understand, as much as possible. A place where they can find resources and ask questions when they need to. A place that will not only provide local support, but also community where they can interact with other survivors – immediately and without a police file open. A place for them to feel empowered, validated, and heard. It’s okay to not be okay.

As survivors, PTSD consumes and betrays us, constantly slowing us down and holding us back as we try to sprint to catch up with the rest of the world – unfortunately, its a world that doesn’t wait for us. We find ourselves in a constant internal battle and having to smile through it so that we are accepted by society. Here, we acknowledge that not being okay is normal. We attempt to educate friends, family and peers who don’t understand, so that hopefully, survivors will be able to embrace their emotions in their homes and social settings as well. We hope the taboo of being a survivor will be broken. A survivor of sexual assault is a survivor of an attack and there is nothing shameful about that. The fact that survivors, in most cases, live drowning in shame for someone else’s mistakes is absolutely unacceptable. That shame belongs to the attacker, and we hope to teach people how to allow the survivors in their life to feel safe from judgement in their presence.

To Summarize our Mission:

We Exist to

Provide community for survivors through group meet-ups, and 1 on 1 mentorship

Break the silence of the realities of being a survivor through our blog for the benefit of other survivors

Educate people who care for the survivors in their lives

Provide local resources for survivors who want to look into getting different types of help for themselves

Provide Information and insight about what it looks like to go to the police and help survivors decide if they are wanting to take that path in attempt to protect potential future survivors